Long Châu Truyền Kỳ Vietsub, Legend Of Dragon Pearl (2017)

Đạo diễn: Chu Thiểu Kiệt,Chu Viễn Chu
Diễn viên: Dương Tử,Lô Tinh Vũ,Mao Tử Tuấn,Tần Tuấn Kiệt,Thư Sướng,Tư Cầm Cao Oa
Thời lượng: 45 phút/tập
Trạng thái: Tập 90 VietSub
Năm sản xuất: 2017
Quốc gia:
( 8.96 điểm /  67  lượt)

Long Châu Truyền Kỳ VietSub, Legend Of Dragon Pearl (2017)

Long Châu Truyền Kỳ VietSub, also known as Legend Of Dragon Pearl (2017), is an upcoming highly anticipated Chinese television drama project with different genres and extensive investment. As we can see, 2017 is the year of global cinema with numerous blockbuster films and remarkable film projects. Recently, we have witnessed the success of Chinese television dramas such as "Cô Phương Bất Tự Thưởng" and "Tam Sinh Tam Thế Thập Lý Đào Hoa". Following these two historical dramas, we have the project "Long Châu Truyền Kỳ".

The English title of the drama is "Dragon Ball Legend". It belongs to the genre of historical fantasy and is expected to be aired in the near future. The film is directed by Chu Thiểu Kiệt and Chu Viễn Chu, with the participation of highly acclaimed actors and actresses such as Mao Tử Tuấn, Tần Tuấn Kiệt, Dương Tử, Thư Sướng, Lô Tinh Vũ, and Tư Cầm Cao Oa, who are known for their experience and acting skills.

The storyline of "Long Châu Truyền Kỳ" revolves around the ups and downs in the life of Princess Chu Dịch Hoan, the last princess of the Ming dynasty, played by Dưỡng Tử, and the young Kangxi Emperor, portrayed by Trần Tuấn Kiệt. They are a perfect match in terms of talent and beauty, but due to past grudges, they cannot be together.

In conclusion, "Long Châu Truyền Kỳ" is an exciting upcoming Chinese television drama that combines historical fantasy elements with a captivating storyline. With its talented cast and experienced production team, the drama is expected to be a huge success and attract a wide audience.


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