Minh Lan Truyện Vietsub, The Story Of MingLan (2018)

Đạo diễn: Trương Khai Trụ
Diễn viên: Cao Lộ,Chu Nhất Long,Lưu Quân,Phùng Thiệu Phong,Tào Thúy Phân,Thi Thi,Triệu Lệ Dĩnh,Trương Giai Ninh
Thời lượng: 45 phút/tập
Trạng thái: Tập 40 Thuyết Minh
Năm sản xuất: 2018
Quốc gia:
( 8 điểm /  9  lượt)

Minh Lan Truyện VietSub, The Story Of MingLan (2018)

Minh Lan Truyện VietSub, The Story Of MingLan (2018) is a highly popular Chinese drama series starring Triệu Lệ Dĩnh, a versatile actress who has achieved great success in recent years. With her charming face and exceptional acting skills, she is able to portray various characters with ease, making her the top choice for many hit TV dramas. In 2017, she had a relatively successful year, receiving enthusiastic responses from viewers for most of the projects she participated in. Her upcoming projects include the film "Journey to the West: The Female Country" and the TV drama "Minh Lan Truyện".

"Minh Lan Truyện" is an adaptation of the famous novel of the same name by Quan Tâm Tắc Loạn. For fans of Chinese literature, "Minh Lan Truyện: Hồng Phai Xanh" is a well-known and highly acclaimed work. This popularity prompted director Trương Khai Trụ to take on the production, with Triệu Lệ Dĩnh and Phùng Thiệu Phong as the main leads.

With the high-quality production by Hầu Hồng Lượng, "Minh Lan Truyện" promises to deliver an excellent historical drama that is worth the wait. The story revolves around the life of a gentle and beautiful girl named Minh Lan. Despite being born into a noble family, she is humble and does not interact much with others. Unexpected troubles befall her family, and her siblings are all victimized, leaving only the fragile Minh Lan. With the help of Cố Đình Diệp, she overcomes her own limitations and becomes a strong and courageous woman, seeking justice for her parents.

In conclusion, "Minh Lan Truyện VietSub, The Story Of MingLan (2018)" is an eagerly anticipated drama series featuring Triệu Lệ Dĩnh in a diverse and challenging role. With its captivating storyline and high production quality, this historical drama is definitely worth watching.


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